Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Model

Hey folks, at the beginning of the week we introduced you to the amazingly multi-talented Siobhan Shene.
If you view the previous posts, you will see some of Siobhan's inspirational and creative artwork.

Well that's not all this incredible lady has to offer. She is also an accomplished Model. When you see these awesomely gorgeous photos you will see why!

 (Photo-art from Siobhan's Tumbler Site, I thought they were pretty awesome. TCM share's Siobhan's love of beautiful we had to share.) Photo sources are underneath the image.

A photograph says a thousand words....

my legs are feeling pretty tangly today

L’oeuvre d’un corps en art...

Jason Kobielus (Model)

14 Feb 2012 2897

The Model...

Thank you Siobhan! 
Because of you our world just got prettier!


  1. Nice job, Paula & Siobhan! Love it!

  2. Beautiful pics,nice job ladies...