Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monday's Guest Spot on The Creative Muses

Welcome to the Muses Blog!  Here at the Muses we believe in sharing the very best in creative media. Today we are starting a week long spot light on the beautiful and very talented artist, Siobhan Shene...

Siobhan impressed us so much that we decided to share her artwork with our readers the whole week long. Here is a little about Siobhan,
Siobhan graduated College of Charleston with a Bachelors in Psychology, concentration in Neuroscience. She has been nationally published in American Art Collector Magazine for modeling. She started the non-profit organization Charleston’s Finest Artists,which features live painting for mural work, charities, art auctions, causes, concerts, and other events.
Siobhan's Vision

Websites and Buy Links:
Tomorrow we will have more on Siobhan Shene...

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