Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring is here...Love is in the air!

Starting off our week long Spring Love short stories series is this sweet little tale by our very own Master of Fantasy,  Paula Shene...
Chloe's Challenge

By Paula Shene

Hisssss….rrrroaw. Where the…,” Alex twisted at landing, aware of needing to look for danger spots.
I see you Alex.  Your body is solidifying! We’re in some sort of portal.  I know this is difficult for you to understand,… never mind, believe,… but those were Saturn’s Enceladus forces that attacked us. When that front soldier hit you with his revolving weapon you were spun into his orbit.”
Chloe was in distress, but knew she must appear calm or her mate would attack rashly if he was cornered. “Alex, Darling, Sweet Claws… Listen to me, while you can hear me,  I cannot hear you... But I can read your lips!  Slowly,.. slowly,… please. Your orbiting rate is more than twice here.  Now, tell me where your hiding place is located on that pigeon dung ball.”
This was a time of intense pressure for Chloe and for Alex.  Becoming parents was an unexpected gift, but it was putting a heavy burden both mentally and physically upon them. This was bound to crimp their fighting ways.  Being in the middle of a war that seemed interminable was not helping their determination, especially since Alex and Chloe were Apollo mates so being separated was a wrenching experience.
“I am hiding like a puling kitten because our babies are due in two days!  How by all the shades of Civet am I to face my phalanx when you get me back? You better get reading faster on how to pull me back into our realm!  Dear Mighty Carnivore, woman!”
Stop! You’re hissing again because you’re in a corner - claws!  How do you think I feel? Aaaoooowww! The kits are moving as if they’re jockeying for space in a crowded room.” 
Chloe dragged deeply,before continuing, “The only thing calming my stomach is this pipe combination you made for me.   Mayhap, a sniff of the nip, I gave you would calm you down?  And, can you not see, I’m working as quickly as possible?”
Scanning the battle plans and plotting coordinates with today being her last rotation before Kitleave, she needed Alex back. She could see he needed more incentive to stay calm, but knew he would not want to appear weak, she continued, “As you were being pulled out of our dimension, we lost three of our most valiant warriors.
Their daughters and son are now on the front lines taking their places; they’re not mewling about it, this is an element of our life, you know this. Now soothe your spirit and tell me where you are, not how you feel. We’ll deal with that part when you’re back.”
As Chloe took another deep draw, waiting for Alex to tell her the specifics of his coordinates, she realized Alex was closer than either of them could imagine.  She did not need to locate his magnitude, she just needed to... Oh, Mighty Carnivor!...
“Sheathe those weapons my own sweet Kazza.  Ha!  I told you, I was working fast.  Now what do you say, Smooth Claws?”
Alex swiftly reached for Chloe, “Let me hold you.  Oh dear Mighty Carnivore, you feel glorious ... Umm ...Want to rumble?”
“Claws!  All you toms think about is a roll in the …  Ummmm... Whew, hold that thought.”
Chloe was proud of how she was able to snap Alex back so quickly and was a little, no, a lot miffed. He did not seem to care how he got back, just wanted to get it on.  Heh, mayhap he should be gibbed.  That would slow him down and … But that would mean no more kits after this birthing.
“I’m sorry my Toitoi lady, but you set my claws to flexing and my purr to roars.  How did you get me back so soon?  I didn’t even tell you in what corner I was held up.  But, come, snuggle closer … I think so much better with your smoothness .. Umm ... Leaning against me ... Oh the kits moved!  Tell me, it’s not time!”
“Alex … you are incor… you are… ummm… Later.  You were glowering at me, telling me to hurry, but I knew I was not able.  The wording in our Kattrack is extremely strict.  That is why you were picked for me and me for you.  I know we fought against it, but it was the Mighty Carnivore that brought us together, not actually the Felidae.  They were only instruments.  Are you listening?  Stop with the nips!  Listen to me!”
Alex stretched out and eyed her with his honey colored orbs.  He realized that she had a need to talk, even though he had already figured out what she had done; she was wearing their wedding headdress, sacred to their Clowder.  
They were two parts of a whole, and while she was the green one at getting things accomplished, she also had the ability fiercely to fight for what she wanted and loved; he was endued with this incredible mate and claws, that’s just what he wanted to do.  
Well, she’d soon have it told, and he’d get on with getting her purr rumbling.   “Go on then, my sweets … tell me,” Alex softly murmured.
Chloe took a deep breath, “The Kattrack says we are One.  One!  So, all I needed to pull you back was to touch the … Apollo rings and snap - back you would be by my side!  Of course, that only works as long as The One, are truly One.”
Alex’s smoldering look gave her the courage to continue,  “I was not sure. You don’t seem to think that ‘Kattrap’ as you name it but …”
His tongue tickling Chloe’s ear, he pulled back to gaze, allowing her to see the intense ardor, “How can you doubt my love for you?  With every nibble and purr I am telling you, my lady, my life, and soon to be mother of my kits, you are my green eyed tigress and my fellow warrior throughout this life and beyond.”
True to Alex’s word, Chloe’s challenge was met, never to lose its brightness. Her life was abundantly filled with laughing, love, and family. There would always be enemies in and out of the Star ways to be faced, but those battles, they fought and vanquished as One.

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