Short story by Author Emma Paul
Sweet Maggie
Short Story Collection
By Emma Paul

Jonas's head was buzzing. His heart beat faster. Arousal throbbed below his waist just being this close to her. He gazed into Maggie's eyes while she described the latest romance novel she was reading. He hoped she wouldn't ask his opinion because he had not heard a single word. Her sweet face lit up when ever she smiled. That smile reached those incredible brown eyes of hers and sent little sparks of fire through Jonas's body making his dick harder.
If only he could reach down and soothe the aching need. However, he knew it would most likely turn Maggie away and that was not an option. Never had he felt this attracted to a woman before. Especially one who he had not even kissed yet let alone held hands with. He finally gathered the courage to ask her out. For weeks, he had eaten lunch with her. Those half hour breaks were the highlight of his work day.
Maggie was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. She wasn't the skinny Vogue-model-types he usually dated. No she was perfect. No, she was more than that, if there was such a thing. Shorter than him by almost a foot, Maggie had a full curvy figure that begged to be caressed and squeezed. And her sweet oval shaped face with those luscious full lips and big intelligent brown eyes, had beguiled him from the moment she stepped in his office for an interview.
He hired her on the spot. Luckily her personal assistant skills were excellent, because he couldn't remember a single word she had said during the interview. From that day on, he had fantasized about Maggie to the point that no other woman would be able to satisfy him again.
He focused on that pretty face and those kissable lips, trying but failing miserably to shake the thought of pulling her in his arms and kissing her like his life depended on it. It was so strange to feel so vulnerable. The thought made him anxious and he absently ran a hand through his hair.
"What's wrong Jonas?"
Her question caught him off guard. "Uhmm nothing. I was just..." he stopped himself before revealing more than he wanted her to know at the moment, "nothing really, everything's okay." Maggie stopped and looked at him.
She frowned and a sad expression settled over her features. "Am I boring you with my book talk?" she said, her voice soft and reproachful. Jonas felt a pang of guilt stab his chest. She had mistaken his actions for disinterest. He was quick to correct that. "Maggie," he tried to look as sincere as possible. "I do not think you could make me bored if you tried." He smiled. "I really enjoy your company very much."
He reached up and tucked a stray lock of chocolate brown hair behind her ear. She stared up at him, her face softening with desire. Her eyes were riveted on his lips while he spoke and she ran her tongue over her full bottom lip before her eyes met his. Passion that was so potent it sizzle between them, burned in her eyes. When her lips parted slightly, Jonas took the invitation and bent his head to kiss her.
The touch was soft at first, just a light brush of his lips on hers. He cupped her face in his hands and tilted her head to a better angle so he could taste her the way he wanted. Maggie sighed into his mouth. He slid his tongue along hers, enjoying her flavor. Hesitantly, she mimicked his action and tasted him in return. Pulsing sensations rose up his cock, causing his lower abdomen to tighten with delicious tension.
They leaned in closer. Their bodies met and they held each other in a tight embrace. Jonas's heart thumped faster. The evidence of his arousal throbbed with need between their bodies. Maggie groaned into his mouth. He nearly lost it when she began to undulate against his erection.
Her movements became more urgent. He moaned into her mouth. A delicious ache started riding up his engorged cock. He felt her small hand slip between them and stroke his hardness through his jeans. It was too much. Jonas pulled back breathing hard. Maggie's face was flushed. Her half lidded eyes looked dreamy. He gazed at her swollen red lips for a moment, wondering what she was thinking.
                          * * * *                         
Maggie had died and gone to heaven. Jonas’s kiss had entranced her. She felt the pleasant pull in her lower belly as it traveled down to heat the newly aroused flesh between her thighs. It dawned on her how she had brazenly reached down and fondled him. She felt her cheeks flame and knew that her face must be glowing a bright red. Only Jonas's seductive blue eyes kept her from looking shamefully away.
She couldn't believe that Jonas T. Samuelson was actually kissing her like he would die without it. Jonas was every woman's fantasy. The very first time Maggie saw him, she wondered if he was one of those gorgeous, sexy alpha heroes from her favorite romance novel. Her mind raced with visions of him licking her from head to toe. Her fantasies had only intensified.
His hands felt their way down the curves of her body and cupped her bottom. He squeezed her ass possessively, lifting her up and making her spread her legs a bit as he began to grind his iron hard erection against her lower belly. He bit his bottom lip and groaned low. The look on his handsome face was pure ecstasy. Any doubt she may have had when they first met up this evening, had left her. He did want her as much as she wanted him. It was a wondrous revelation. After all those weeks of stealing glances, as she passed his office and purposely scheduling her lunch breaks at the same time had finally paid off. 
After sharing conversations during lunch for a few weeks, Jonas finally asked her out. This was the most incredible day of her life. Her, mousy little Maggie Harris with her too wide hips and overly large lips, that made all the kids in elementary school call her fish-face, had attracted a man that every woman would kill to screw. She needed to get him home and into her bed. 
He leaned in and seized her lips again, but she held her hands up and laid them on his chest stopping him.
“I’m sorry Jonas but I think that if we don’t stop I might just throw you to the ground and ravish you right here on the sidewalk. “ Maggie said, her cheeks turning a pretty shade of pink. 
* * * *
Jonas chuckled and as much as he wanted to be ravished, public sex was not in his repertoire. He leaned down and gave her a quick peck on the lips.
“C’mon let's get you home.” he smiled taking her hand. “Is it far?” he asked.
Maggie looked at him with those amazing eyes. Her cheeks reddened adorably. She smiled back at him. His heart thrummed rapidly. Oh yes he needed to get her home and naked.
“Jonas?” she said looking away for a moment. “Yes Maggie?” God she was so sweet.
After a few moments, she turned to him again.” I would like you to spend the night.”
Jonas said nothing. He simply laced his fingers with hers and let her lead them home. They reached their destination in less than five minutes. Both of them were out of breath since they ran the last quarter of the block straight to her front door. She led him in and closed the door behind them.
Almost instantly, Jonas picked Maggie up, “Jonas!” She tried sounding shocked. But he noticed how flushed she looked, like a woman wanting to be fucked senseless. He was ready to oblige. His cock was so hard and big that he needed to unbutton his pants. Maggie reached down and unzipped his jeans. She reached into his boxers, wrapped her hand around his thick shaft and started to stroke him as he walked holding her through the living room. The familiar titillating tension in his balls traveled the length of his dick, making his lower belly quiver.
He held her closer and nuzzled his face against her cheek, “Where is the bedroom?”
Maggie kissed his chin, then started raining kisses down his neck. They had made it to the kitchen. It was as far as they got before he laid her on the table.
As he pulled off her skirt and panties, Jonas leaned over her, I think we'll start here.”


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