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They came like thieves in the night. In matter of hours Earth and all it’s inhabitants were enslaved. Our defense was no match for the highly evolved and technologically advanced war ships of the Scourge....

I was only fifteen then. That was seven years ago. Like all the other female adolescences I was taken from my parents and sent to the training holds. There we were taught how to properly serve our new masters. All the males of our species were divided by age and strength. Their task, to rebuild a new world of comfort for the Scourge. Any opposition was quickly stamped out.

Those to old to work were either killed or given menial labor as domicile servants. Children under the age of twelve were placed in special schools to re-educate them for future lives under Scourge dominion.

Now at the ripe age of twenty-two, I was being sent for my very first assignment. Lord Tanro, would be my new master. My first. I had no way of knowing how many would come after him. Perhaps if I pleased him enough he would keep me as a pet and not pass me on to another master. Only time would tell.
To be continued...

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