Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday's Author Interview

We are excited to have Author Anna Walls join us today on The Creative Muses...

Author Bio:
My name is Anna Walls, I live in bush Alaska approximately 60 river miles from the end of the nearest road and I work as a housekeeper/gardener at a fishing lodge approximately seven river miles from where I live. I drive to work every day in a small 16' boat and in the winter, I drive a snow machine to work when I work for the lodge during the Iditarod sled dog race that passes by on the Yetna river. For many years, I have occasionally opened a notebook and written down a story. Nothing ever came of that work until, a few years ago, my son gave me an old laptop computer. Of course, the first thing I did was begin to type my current creation from my notebook into the computer. I quickly learned to use the tools a computer offers. Such things as the spelling and grammar checking capability helped me to learn a lot about the mechanics of writing. The ease of making changes in the text made my hobby pure pleasure. Since I started to use that first little computer, my hobby has occupied almost all of my 'free' time. I love to read and lose myself in some far away world created from some one's imagination and I have found that creating and peopling such worlds is every bit as fun if not more so, so it has become my dream to share my creations with others.

TCM: What inspired you to become a writer? Why do you write your particular genre?
 AW: My drive to write is probably different from anything else you’ve ever heard of. I started
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writing because I wanted something new to read. I live a long way from any book store and funds for buying even used books was just too tight. One day, my son gave me a little laptop so I decided to see if I remembered how to type. Of course that left the question of what to type, so I just started writing a story. Thus began my first book, now titled King by Right of Blood and Might

TCM: What’s your strongest point as a writer?
 AW: For me, logic is very important during the course of a book. It is very important that events and character actions follow a logical and therefore believable direction.

TCM: What part of the book is the hardest for you? Why?
 AW: Probably the hardest part is the beginning. I generally base my stories on a scene or event type of idea but that doesn’t always include a beginning so I need to figure out who the book is about and how to get them from point A to point Z. Since I am not an out liner, this path may take many surprising turns along the way.                                                                                                                         

TCM: As Author, what do you consider your most difficult obstacle?
 AW: At this point, my most difficult obstacle would be the Internet. When the Internet calls, very little writing gets done. I’m learning how to manage my time though. Making some progress.

TCM: What advice would you give new authors that have been newly published?
AW: For new authors, meaning those who have taken the plunge, they then need to plunge into advertising, because sales will not happen it no one sees your book. Relying on someone else to spread will play out very fast, if it takes off at all.

TCM: What new projects can we look forward to from you and where, when will they be
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AW: Book 3 of my Making of a Mage King trilogy will be coming out this summer. It is currently at the editor’s and my publisher is working on the cover now. 

TCM: Where has writing lead you in your career as an Author?
AW: Ever since that first computer, my life took a turn into left field. Now there are six books on Amazon with my name on the by
-line and another six books waiting for their chance. In the mean time, I spend all my free time creating something new. And newest of all is a budding ghost writing career. I just finished my first project and my boss was delighted. Now coincidentally, I will be taking up another project soon. Will this go beyond that? Only time will tell. In between, there’s still my work in progress. Druid Derrick was becoming quite cumbersome, so I have decided to divide it into several short eBooks. I’m currently on book 10, and there will be another 6 books to go before that story is done. Sounds huge, but really, each one is very short, less than a hundred page. I plan to sell them for a dollar apiece. 

TCM: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?
AW: Writing can be very therapeutic. It is a way of getting that story off your chest. Many people can’t seem to find a way to tell their story, whatever it is. Getting in black and white, in front of your eyes, helps to make it clear. After that, all that’s left is sorting out an ending.

Book 1, Prince in Hiding
Book 2, White Star
Book 3, Mage King– will be out through Bucks Country Publishing -

To learn more about Anna Walls please visit her at:
Anna Wall's Passion Website
Anna's Obsession Blog

AW: From my writing blog, a visitor can find my blog novel, my personal blog, and widgets where samples of my books can be read.
And Thank you so much!

TCM: Thank you Anna for joining us!


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