Thursday, March 20, 2014

Story Time Thursday

Welcome to Story Time Thursday.  TCM is proud to share a new short story by,

Author Paula Shene  Inspirational Author of Ficion, Sci-Fi/fantasy, and Children's Literature.

"Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision"

A Fistful of Bullies part one can be read at:
The K-9 boys and girls were invited to witness a reenactment of a bullying episode that lead to the Naga dragon family move to Nixietown, a haven for the Faeries and their Friends.
A Fistful of Bullies part two

As the pack settled down to watch, the leading majorette turned the corner, holding her baton high, and the signal for the parade to begin.
The float adorned with pixies, dressed as flowers, each flying around the float showed a young dragon playing tag with another, their laughter ringing out in a song of joy.

The following floats showed a mom or a dad each working at their tasks, music of happiness from the dragons and the singing of the pixies in flight.
A band of Elves and Pixies rounded the corner fighting, their music angry clashes, bangs, and booms and in the midst a float showing the parent dragons weeping out a song of despair. More bands dressed in raggedy clothes, they sang of losing work and home, moving into the poor part of Dragontown, without welcome. 

We have no work and cannot pay our bills,
All our garments are tattered,
The house we call our home is gone,
No welcome for us,
Far too many roam in the caves,
The ground is bare, no food to be found,
All is stripped from the hills,
All around us is poverty and despair
An Ogre dressed in fine clothes, laughing, demanding the little they still had, while waving his gold cane. He, the ugly visitor knocking at the door of each home.

Intermission time,” sang two colorfully clothed faeries. They flew over the audience from back to front, finally hovering in front with a sign saying, Ten minutes to Pageant Part Two
I am glad they stopped,” Sophitia said, still with tears in her eyes, as they again sat to watch.

This is a true story, Sophitia. The family has moved here. It must be a happy ending if they moved to Nixietown,” soothed Shadow, “Listen… do you hear that? The music is happy.”

Playful music sounded as fairies and pixies flew around a float showing the young dragon building a castle in the sand. 
Suddenly, the music changed, the float stopped and in the sky appeared three larger, but young dragons. The music clanged as they dove at the young dragon, flattening the castle. Young Biscuit Naga fell to the ground and the other bigger dragons nipping at him.

Thank you Paula! Your stories are always welcomed here at The Creative Muses.

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