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TCM's Recomended Reads...

Last Thursday we spotlighted Author Gail Briggs.

G L Briggs was born in England UK in 1969, and currently resides in Manchester.

She is an avid reader of forensic crime novels, horrors and thrillers. She studied parapsychology as a fun subject in the summer 2002. Her interests lie in paranormal investigations, psychic experiences, and supernatural activity of all kinds. She has been on over forty investigations around the country.

To learn more about the author, visit her website at

We love bringing our readers news of great books that can really challenge their imaginations. That's why our recommended readers for this week is G L Briggs's Stealth Series, books one, two, and three.
Our pick for recommended reads is

Book One:
Fabled Enigma: Stealth series part one

After a mighty battle, a non-human entity seizes his opportunity to enter an open portal into the physical realm, choosing Gareth as the perfect human to help him accomplish his goal.
As a skeptic, Gareth has to come to terms with the fact that 'something' is after him. Trying to understand the bizarre turn his life is taking, he is forced to allow psychic, Elena, to help him.

Book Two:
Exorcism of the Species: Stealth series part two
Humanity is in danger of extinction from an otherworldly race of savage creatures hell bent on revenge for their banishment from the physical realm eons ago.
They aim to take back what was once theirs, the physical realm, by culling the human race. They are coming through an open portal into this realm in their thousands and spreading across the whole country, waiting for the signal to begin their invasion.
It's a race against time as Elena has no choice but to join forces with her enemy and enter the forsaken realm to search for the lost items needed to re-enact the banishment of so long ago.
Join them on their journey through the forsaken realm. Travel with them as they battle creatures, tackle obstacles, and seek to avoid letting the savageness of the realm change their very souls. 

Each group seeks the means to exorcise the other species from existence. 
Only one race can survive.
Book Three:
Forsaken: Stealth series part three
They’re back.

The reluctant allies, Elena and Thanatos, are back in this final instalment of the Stealth trilogy. Stuck in the Forsaken Realm and separated, they encounter many foes in their search for each other and the way back home.

Having solved the problem of the Xarthian army’s attempt to take control of the Physical Realm, Elena and Thanatos now face their greatest danger yet, the very gateway to damnation itself.

Follow their adventures as they are abandoned by the church, encounter devastation, and are forced to face their worst fears.

Special Excerpt: From Book Two: Exorcism of the Species

Father Jacob Arindosa had just left the shop, Crystal Clear, with a perfect crystal sphere and began walking back to his little church, which wasn’t far away. The sphere was still very hot to the touch and he could sense the creature trapped inside. It made him edgy, and he didn’t want to hold this thing any longer than necessary.

He had to get it back to the church and inform his superiors that the creature had been captured and was ready to be picked up. He quickened his pace in anticipation of disposing of this thing and finally being done with it all.

Taking the sphere out of his pocket, he brought it up to his face to see if he could see inside. Peering intently at the perfectly round, clear quartz crystal sphere, he could see smoky colours swirling around inside, but nothing discernible was apparent. Glad of this, he replaced it back into his pocket and quickly continued walking to St Mary’s Church in Hulme, Manchester, speeding up the closer he got.

Nearing the church, he felt the sphere in his pocket begin to vibrate. He paused, wondering what was happening, and took it out of his pocket again. It was almost too hot to touch now, and he had to hold it in the cuff of his coat sleeve. He looked down at it and saw that it was now glowing; first a strange orange colour, then changing to green and then back to orange again. Each colour change was accompanied by a pulse, or throb from the sphere.

This change in the behaviour of the sphere caused Father Jacob to take in a sharp, frightened, breath. His forehead now had a slight sheen to it, and his fear of the thing he held was clear in the shake of his fingers and the staccato beating of his heart.

He had witnessed tonight just how vicious and deadly this trapped being can be. He had lost an old friend, Father Thomas, in the fight to dispose of the creature. But a mistaken calculation on their part ensured that all they could do was contain it, and then only temporarily. He was sure that the creature would find a way out this sphere. After all, it managed to find a way out of its own realm, and wreak havoc in this one.

Father Thomas wasn’t its only victim either. A secretary who worked for Gareth in the building where they had captured the creature, was brutally murdered by it for no reason only days ago. And Stella, Gareth’s wife, is in the hospital with broken bones and a concussion. “What a complete mess this all is,” He thought to himself, worriedly, increasing his speed so much he was practically running.

Hurriedly replacing the sphere back into his coat pocket, Father Jacob took a deep breath, and wondered if the decision to capture this creature was a sane one. The whole brotherhood and the hierarchy of the church know of the dangers should one of these creatures ever be captured, but they blindly ignored everything they knew in their quest to learn more about them.

“Asking me to capture it if I could was a folly that we’ll all have to pay for.” Father Jacob muttered to himself as he quickened his pace to the safety and sanctity of his church.

He was looking forward to handing this thing over and then taking a nice, long, hot bath to rid himself of the blood and the stench of death that he knew covered him from head to toe; remnants from the battle earlier that night to capture the creature. His grief for the victims would have to wait until at least then, as thinking about what had happened was too difficult right now, and would sway his resolve and ability to deal with the handover of this creature.

He was getting worried about the intensity of the sphere’s throbbing and the heat it was generating, as he wasn’t sure what it meant. In any case, it couldn’t be good, so getting rid of it can’t come soon enough.

Finally reaching the doors of the church, he pushed his way inside and was, for once, grateful that he was the only occupant. Turning around, he closed and locked the door, then leaned against it with relief, his chest heaving with the exertion to get here. This relief was short lived, because the sphere in his pocket was vibrating at such an intense frequency that it was almost jumping out of his pocket. Taking it out, Father Jacob peered closely at it again, and reeled back in shock.

He could see the creature inside, and it seemed to be concentrating intensely, whilst staring straight at him. The sphere pulsed once more and then became so hot that Father Jacob was forced to release it from his hand and it fell to the floor and rolled away, coming to a stop only a few feet away.

Backing up as far away as he was able, Father Jacob could only stare in terror at what was happening. The sphere had unsteadily risen from the floor to some three feet in the air, and was growing at a rapid pace, throbbing and changing colour faster and faster. He only had time to notice that the colours and the light from them never extended beyond the sphere, and that the rest of the church was still in darkness, when a breeze started in the room and was quickly getting stronger and louder, whipping Father Jacob’s coat up and over his head.

He managed to remove the coat from over his head just as a flash of bright white light filled the area accompanied by a boom of noise, like a bomb going off, throwing him in the air, where he landed ten feet away from where he started, in a tangled heap on the floor.

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