Monday, July 7, 2014

Siobhan Shene, Renaissance Woman

Hey folks, remember when we introduced you to the amazingly multi-talented Siobhan Shene.
If you view the previous posts, you will see some of Siobhan's inspirational and creative artwork.

Well this amazing lady is on Facebook and we would like to help promote her artwork and new business endeavors...

Check it out!
Born in Stony Brook New York, 1987
2005-2010 Studied Neuroscience/Psychology at College of Charleston

From a very early age, I was painting and creating. My mother is a painter and my father can build anything; with their influence I've always had the creative drive. My portfolio to date consists of over 400 paintings and another 100+ drawings.
Upon completing my degree, I sought to support neurological research with art, and began Peace Paint with Jacqueline Wabler in early 2010. Since then we have worked with over 100 venues and have run and participated in over 200 shows, raising thousands of dollars to benefit various causes. We have expanded outside the Carolinas and seek to work with organizations outside the country. 

We have benefited Haiti with our works in Charleston, as well as implementing irrigation technologies and community outreach in Mbtini, Kenya through Project Harambee. We annually work with Dragon Boat Festivals for Cancer and Hockey Heroes for Epilepsy through REEF/SAFE, and many other institutions. 

If you seek to work with Peace Paint, whether it is commission work by Siobhan Shene or fundraising with the organization please email 
Image Credit: Ken Drayton
Please visit Siobhan's Facebook page and other artwork sites. Below is copy of the article posted by our very own Master of Fantasy, Paula Shene on her website:

Siobhan Shene, Renaissance Woman, Part II

Published on June 14, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks
 A special thank you to Paula Shene for sharing with us!
Back by popular demand, The Model, Siobhan sio-number-3 ~

Today, she displays jewelry made by the hands of the resident artist
~ Designs by Siobhan ~
All stones are authentic and handcrafted
pink and white beads
green square beads siobhan
square beans under black light
GREEN BRACELETgreen jade necklace siobhan
amber beads siobhan
large amber and citrine beads
Octopus created at Groverfest
10409653_10100833014768734_967329051752578522_noctopus under bllack light
under black light pink tones are evident, while in daylight shown below, orange is predominant
octopus orange
And, because the street, building, walls, mural, and canvas
to your specifications artist ~
From Big ~ wall Sio
House painting

To Tiny ~ tiny canvas

And in between ~
Bee - hive wall
close up of bee
Siobhan’s  art is evident in all she accomplishes
For more information on ordering either a specific painting,  jewelry, services in painting or modeling, contact her at ~
sio in nature


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