Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday's Author The One and Only Jaq Hawkins!

 Our awesome Author today on The Creative Muses is the Multi-Talented Jaq Hawkins...

Hello Jaq, tells us what going on in your part of the universe...

TCM: What inspired you to become a writer? Why do you write your particular genre?

JH:  I started writing at age six. It was something that I just felt the need to do. I wrote my first few books in an area of non-fiction in which I was knowledgeable because I was asked to, but I write Fantasy and Science Fiction because they are the genres I most like to read.

TCM: What’s your strongest point as a writer?

JH: Being completely objective about that would be difficult, but from a practical point of view, I would say patience. I finish projects or keep at the ones that get done more slowly and will put the time into proper editing. From a creative point of view, I seem to have a natural sense of pace and timing. I also have a tendency to think about what would be the obvious thing to happen next, then do something different. Unpredictability can keep a story interesting.

TCM: What part of the book is the hardest for you? Why?

That varies from one story to another. In my first novel, I really struggled to find an ending. I would say that is most often the part I have to work for, yet there are exceptions. I'm working on a Science Fiction story at present that had the ending decided on the first creative session. I had a premise with a perfect ending and had to decide how to do the beginning, which is usually the part that rolls out of my brain at the outset of starting a new story.

TCM: As an Author, what do you consider your most difficult obstacle?

JH: Real life and filmmaking. There are never enough hours to sit and write as much as I feel the need to do. Eventually the filmmaking will reach a point where I've done what I set out to do and can retire from it to write more.

TCM: What advice would you give new authors that have been newly published?

JH: Don't be in a hurry. Take the time to get it right before releasing. Ideally, put any manuscript you finish aside for six months and read it again with fresh eyes, after any editing process. You'll see things, including editing mistakes you missed that you just can't believe.

TCM: What new projects can we look forward to from you and where, when will they be available?

JH: I plan to release some new Mind, Body, Spirit books during 2014 as well as hopefully the SciFi I've got simmering. Updates and news will happen periodically on my blog at

Information about all my books can be found on my main website at

All new books will be released on Amazon, Smashwords (which distributes to all major online outlets) and Lulu, which distributes to Ingram. Paperback and ebook versions will be available for all titles.

from Echoes of Ganesha:
"What many people don't realise when they set up a decorative image of Ganesha and begin to surround it with flowers and coin offerings, is that Ganesha is a trickster god. In his own benevolent way, he can be as devious as Loki in the Norse pantheon. Ganesha is commonly petitioned in his guise as Remover of Obstacles and rightly so, but a good sense of humour is advised. When you think about it, removing obstacles is a disruptive activity. The most resilient obstacles will result in the most chaos if they are suddenly shattered. You can almost see the Ganesha images smirk as you get just what you wished for."


  1. Great interview! I've surprisingly come to enjoy sci-fi literature, especially if there's a nice romance involved, so I'll have to check yours out when it's done.

    I can relate to the difficulties with the writing process too. I struggle with endings and usually have at least three versions, and I tend to rush them, so that's where my critique partners come in really handy. They slap some sense into me and make me slow it down :)

  2. I enjoyed your advice for authors. It is exactly what you need to do. What looks so great, six months later is a different story. Great interview! Love your style of writing.

  3. OMG! I can't wait until you release your new SC-Fi.... That is so exciting Jaq.