Monday, January 6, 2014

Works In Progress: The King of Primus

This week we want to bring you a special treat from Emma Paul our resident Erotic Romance Author. Emma is currently working on 6 new stories.  Here is a clip from one of her WIPs.
Excerpt from The King of Primus (first draft/unedited)

Micha closed her eyes and let the warmth of the water appease her sore muscles. It had been a long journey and she was finally glad it was over. Anxiety hummed through her entire body causing her to tense and her muscles to cramp. She hated her father for forcing her to do what she "had to do for the future of her people".

A shiver ran down her back as her fathers words echoed in her mind. Her memories flashed through her head like vivid hallucinations that seemed more dream like than real.

Only a week prior, she was awakened in the middle of the night by her mothers hysterical crying. Her mother ran down the dark hallway to her father's throne room clutching her brothers bloodied breastplate to her chest. Micha sprang from her bed and ran quickly to catch up with her. Fear tightened her chest causing her to gasp each breath she took.

In the throne room, her father stood bracing himself against the tall crystal podium he often used to conduct speeches to his subjects or address intergalactic council meetings. His face was drawn and pale and his eyes glistening with the tears he had already shed. Tears!

Micha ran to her father and threw her arms around him. He didn't move only stood gripping the podium barely able to remain standing if it wasn't there to support him. Micha's own tears spilled from her eyes for she knew what had happened. Augustine, her brother and heir to the throne of Primus, had been defeated!

Her mother fell to her knees still clutching her brother's bloody uniform to her breast. His sentry must have delivered it which could only mean that there wasn't enough left of him to even bury.

There it was, the Prince of Primus had lost. Their home world was without an heir; their best defense and elite force had been defeated. Primus was now at the mercy of any and all other-worlders who would want to pillage the beautiful planet. For Millennium Primus had existed in peace. It was the center of trade and negotiations between planets. That was until the Scourge had joined the alliance.

Her father had opposed the Assembly’s decision to allow Negis Major to take their seat in the Interplanetary Council. The inhabitants of Negis, known to outsiders as the Scourge were little more than Blood thirsty savages. They thrived on war and pestilence.

Micha reached her hand out until she felt the smooth surface of the soap she had placed on the bathing tub's rim. Opening her eyes she began to lather the soap onto her body. The Council of planets had each their own representative and they had recanted their support when her father called for retaliation against Negis Major after its forces had destroyed a convoy of Banzintine refugees.

Micha had no Idea why the convoy had been destroyed, only that 1600 innocent lives were extinguished with little more than a passing thought. But the stories she had heard of the scourge were always bloody and vile. And now this? How had her father succumbed to the demands of the ones who had killed his only son?

Now the council would not listen to the King of Primus. The punishment for disregarding the Council’s directives was banishment from the Alliance. Primus was alone with no other planet would trade with or help her in any way. The planet and its inhabitants would be left to its own defenses. Primus was not a big planet and it was far from being a military power.

Yes it was rich and its inhabitants reaped all the luxuries most worlds could barely claim, however wealth alone did not defend a planet. Primus was a central part of commerce; her wealth was mainly maintained through trade business with other planets. Most of her father’s power was based on the fact that Primus's government controlled all liaisons and commercial ventures that had to pass through their border.

He was no warrior. The fact he had tried to strike against another world where the inhabitants made a living of war was unfathomable. Why had he done it? Micha would most likely never know.

She shivered at the memory of that fateful day, her father had returned from the Council’s meeting. His face was stoic, and he spoke completely without emotion. Her mother was standing at the entrance to her room with one hand to her heart while the other one braced herself on the door frame.

She had been crying, and this time Micha knew it was for her.

"Micha, your duty to your people comes above all else. Tomorrow you will leave on a shuttle to Negis 12. From that station, you will be taken by transport to Negis Major....Your new home."

Micha sank to her bed as her mind reeled in with a sudden wave of nausea. "Father what are you saying? ....What’s this all about? Primus is my home we shall overcome......"
"Silence!" Her father shouted. "You will go and you will wed the Negis's warrior king...He will be your lord and master. This has been the decision of the Council."

With that, he turned on his heel and left. Disbelief roiled through her with what just happened. Surely her father was mistaken? The Council would never sacrifice a princess. She was now the only heir to Primus by rights she could demand the Interplanetary Council to demand her father turn over the rulership to her so Primus can have a second chance they could...Then it occurred to her...She was the new heir. Since she was female whom ever she wed would be able to rule Primus.

No! Her father had struck a deal with the Scourge! The truth sank in like a heavy weight in the pit of her stomach. Strange as it seemed her anger wasn’t entirely directed at the Negis King, but more for her father. As the only heir to the throne, she by rights should be allowed to claim the title.

However, she knew her father had always thought her to be less than a perfect representation of their royal family. Unlike her mother, Micha never could seem to embrace the stringent rules governing the Primarian royals. As a child, she was much too inquisitive and daring.

Augustine often lured her into predicaments that would lead to strict and often harsh punishments. Her father had admonished her so many times when she was a child. The girl has been given too much leeway. Micha will be a disgrace to Primus if she doesn’t change her self indulgent ways.

"Self Indulgent", that’s how her father saw her. The girl, she was always the girl to him, he never used her title when he spoke to her or about her. The complaints she often heard coming from her parents bedroom when they thought she was sleeping still hurt.

She had looked at her mother for guidance, and saw the confirmation of what she believed to be true in the Queen's eyes. Embracing her mother she had laid her head on her shoulder and wept.

Micha lathered herself vigorously as her anger simmered deep inside. My lord and master, Ha! As if! She had only seen the Negis leader once seven years ago when she was merely a child of 15 years. He was larger than life to her. She had seen him at one of the intergalactic banquets, which was held yearly. That particular year the Negis had been admitted into the alliance. Micha sat with her mother at the Council table.

She remembered the Regis Lord Commander being announced and his entrance into the hall. He was ten years her senior. Tall, and muscular, his face showed no emotion. Her heart leapt at the sight of him. He must have been well over 6 feet in height. In actuality he looked like a giant from her perspective. Yes she remembered well the broad well muscled chest that his warriors garment barely covered.

His legs were impressively well muscled and strong covered with skin tight form fitting pants. He was not armed but was dressed in the traditional warrior’s uniform of his people which consisted of a sleeveless tunic tightly molded to his muscular physique. Her young eyes traveled the length of him from head to toe, and he was magnificent!

Her innocent heart fluttered and her face heated she had felt wetness between her legs which made her squirm in her seat. How handsome he was. His face was masculine beauty. Dark eyes with a straight nose, slightly flared at the nostrils and full lips which were perfectly proportioned with the rest of his face.

His expression was brooding but did not hide the handsomeness of his features. Black hair fell well past his shoulders and looked as though he hadn’t even bothered to comb through the thick waves. She was such a foolish child! He had become the dirty little secret of a vivid imagination.

Since that night, her dreams were always about him and oh the things he would do to her! Shameful, if only her parents knew the thoughts she had of her future husband. No doubt she would be throttled and then locked in her room for all eternity. Primarians were very conservative and any form of affection was never displayed openly.

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